UX Strategist for circular economy and sustainability projects.

💖 I help organizations achieve order and clarity by creating changes from the core thanks to my skills of analysis, planning, management, coordination and design.

📱I have 10 years experience as a UX Designer and 5 years as team leader in digital businesses creating products, services and processes.

🌎 3 years ago I started working and sharing about circular economy, circular design and sustainability.

My background in digital design and project management allows me to lead and participate in all design stages. From strategy to implementation.

I also do trainings, talks, and I'm the creator and host of the first podcast in Spanish about designing for the circular economy: 🎙 Diseño Circular (Circular Design).

Imagen del reproductor de audio Spotify con el Podcast Diseño circular

Listen to 🎧 Diseño Circular podcast

Key concepts, tools, case studies and interviews about circular economy and design (in spanish).